Thursday, December 31, 2009


I have a ton of updating to do; so beginning next week, be on the look out for several posts. Everything here is great, we have just been super busy. I am looking forward to showing you what we have been up to and catching up on others blogs as well.

We would like to wish each of you a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Halloween 2009

This Halloween, we traveled to be with Grace's cousins. Thank you for having us, as well as Ace. We had such a great time and jump at any chance we can get to get the girls together.

Grace with 2 of her cousins

Is SB not the cutest Kitty Cat you have ever seen :) Grace was too busy looking at her goodies to take time for a picture :)

I couldn't help but laugh while looking through the pictures from that night. Grace had her head in her bucket in almost every single one. Oh and check out that Pixie Stick, it was almost as tall as she was (for the record, we slipped it away when Grace wasn't looking and she never even missed it.)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Boo at the Zoo 2009

In October, Sibley Heart Center sponsored "Boo at the Zoo" for all of their heart patients. They encouraged the children to dress up, provided free passes to the Zoo, lunch, arts and crafts, and time to meet other families. It was a wonderful event and time to spend as a family. For documenting purposes, I do have to share that Grace, you are still afraid of dressed up characters. You love the cartoon Curious George and we thought for sure you would be excited to see him at the Zoo. You had no desire to be near him, or even give him a high five. Below are a few pictures from that day. We had such a great time and would like to thank Sibley Heart Center for going out of their way to provide so much fun for the kids.

Grace's reaction to Curious George

Dancing and Hula Hooping to "Little Beat" music (notice the determination look on her face :)