Thursday, January 8, 2009

1st day of preschool

Grace had her first day of preschool yesterday. She was a bit clingy at first, but warmed up quickly and began playing. I was able to slip out and watch for a little while through the window. She did great, I had a harder time than she did :) It is only going to be for 2 mornings a week. The cardiologist and pediatrician cleared her to be around other children and resume normal activity. We are hoping that the interaction with others her age, will help with her speech delays. As a special treat afterward, we went to McDonald's for a Happy Meal and of course the toy that comes along with it. Grace was so funny, she wanted my hamburger more than she wanted her chicken nuggets. We had such a fun day and hope you enjoy sharing it with us.


Andrea said...

cant believe it! school!! our kids are growing so fast!!;( miss you guys alot, love you all!!!

Gavin's Mama said...

So cute!! I love your outfit Grace!! Such a pretty girl! We will say a prayer for Grace that she adjusts well to school and for her speech.

Jamie said...

She is too cute! That little girl is loving that hamburger. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow Grace, you look so grown up in the pictures. Can't believe you've started to school already....and without oxygen tubes!
You (and mom and dad) are in our thoughts and prayers. We love you guys!
Debbie and Barney

S. Jared Bentley said...

Grace is beautiful! I can't believe how much she's grown and changed since I last saw her. And I am so glad she's done so well. Yours is a family that I was truly blessed to have met. I may have long faded from memory (I was a Blue Smurf at Big Brown Navy if that helps ;-)) but you all have not. All the best.

Anonymous said...

Oh how cute! We hope that Grace is adjusting well to preschool! How wonderful she looks in her pictures....such a beautiful little girl!

Love, The Voss Family