Thursday, May 20, 2010

Grace's Park Day

Grace had her first official "leave the school" field trip to a nearby park to end the school year. They children got to ride the church bus and all of the parents met them there for a picnic/play day.

Grace was SOOOO excited to get to ride the bus.

I was a bit worried that Grace wasn't going to have a good time at first. After she got off the bus, she just started crying and was really clingy. I still am not sure quite what the problem was, but she sooned warmed up and was off playing with everyone else. I think it was just such a change of routine for her, she was a bit overwhelmed. I wish I could post more pictures of her day. However, as this is a public blog and for privacy issues I chose not to. Most of them had the church's name on the bus and shirts.

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