Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back to the Alphabet Game-Letter C

I am going to try and get back to this alphabet game. I think it will be a fun way for me to show some old pictures that never made it to the new blog and document things/memories we want to remember about Grace.

1) Cute things Grace is saying now- she asks us if we are okay anytime we cough or sneeze. I LOVE IT, it is so cute to hear her say, you okay? If we don't answer right away, she asks again until we tell her we are okay :)
2)Cardiologists: A special thank you to:
-Dr. Schneider (who diagnosed Grace with HLHS and her other heart defects after she was born)(Children's Hospital of the Kings Daughters in Norfolk, Virginia)
-Dr. Romp and Dr. Lau-Grace's cardiologists for the first two stages at UAB in Birmingham, Alabama
-Dr.Fleenor-Grace's cardiologist while we were stationed in Virginia at Portsmouth Naval Hospital
-Dr. Cardis and Dr. Ham-Grace's cardiologists now in Macon, Georgia
3)Coarctation of the Aorta-one of Grace's heart defects
5)Clint-Grace's uncle (we must get more pictures of you guys together :) )
6)Candice-Grace's cousin

7)Chapel Hill Baptist Church-the church where Ryan and I were married and where my dad and grandparents are laid to rest.

8)Chocolate Pudding (Grace was 20 months old)

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Anonymous said...


We say C for Cute! You are so Cute!

Love, The Voss Family