Friday, June 19, 2009

Explanation of Heart Cath Results/Pictures

Grace went back yesterday around noon and Dr. Anthony Raviele MD successfully resolved her oxygen de-saturation problem. After Grace's Fontan surgery in December, a small hole called a fenestration was left. It acts as a temporary pressure release valve while Grace's body adjusted to the new circulation. It is usually closed, or closes on its own, anywhere from 6 months to a year after the Fontan. They found in the cath lab that while temporary closing Grace's fenestration with a balloon, that her oxygen saturations jumped up 15 points. They also measured the pressures in order to be sure if was safe to close this hole permanently. He said a safe range was from 10-12, anything higher being to risky, and her pressures were excellent with a 8. They actually re-calibrated and checked again because they didn't not expect hers to be that good. With these pressures, she was definitely a safe candidate for permanently closing the fenestration as she still has room for pressure build-up when she gets mad or fatigued. I will post a picture below of the permanent device used to close this hole. I actually have to carry a card in my wallet now with this device's information on it. I am completely in awe and just baffled at how they can do this procedure by simply threading a catheter up from Grace's blood vessel in her groin to her heart with this device on the end of it. In addition to the closing of the fenestration being needed they did find that she has a rather large AVM with several others coming off of it in her left shoulder area. However, as it stands, nothing can be done, or needs to be done with these at this time. Her oxygen saturations are considered to be in the desired range, so these are not a concern.

This link further explains the ins and outs of this procedure and more on Grace's heart anatomy.

Numbing Cream

Starting to feel a little loopy

We were told we have quite the little "druggie" on our hands. They said she kept trying to wake up and that the amount of medicine they had to give her in order to keep her asleep would have knocked you and I into next week.

This is what her stats are suppose to look like :) This was taken when she was recovering after the fenestration was closed. I wish I had taken one of before.

The device used to close the fenestration

Tired but oh SOOOO relieved Mommy and Daddy

Headed out the door and NOT looking back

Dare we say someone was just a "little" excited to be out of the hospital

Her Tutu was a surprise from mommy and daddy for all she went through yesterday

Dancing, or should I say "hobbling" in front of the mirror saying "Pincess, Pincess"


Anonymous said...

LOVE your tutu photos!!! I'm so glad that you got to dance when you got home! Can't wait to see you again soon when we can really play. Take care of your boo boos, and we love you! Aunt Beth and Uncle Brad

Erika said...

Our son is having his cath to close his fenestration on Friday. Thank you SO MUCH for posting the whole day here. Even though we've been through caths and surgeries before, I'm still struggling with being super anxious about handing him over again. It was so wonderful to see her day chronicled - I might do the same for our son's blog (

BTW, she is a CUTIE!!!