Tuesday, July 7, 2009

3 for 3

What 3 year old do you know that gets 3 birthday cakes and gets to celebrate her birthday 3 different times? We happen to know one lucky little girl who fits this description :) We celebrated Grace's birthday with Ryan's parents first, then we celebrated on her actual birthday just the 3 of us, and last but not least, we celebrated again this past weekend with my side of the family.

You each made Grace's birthday incredibly special and we thank you so much for all of the birthday songs, presents and cards. I look at birthday's so much differently now since I had Grace. They are definitely something to be celebrated, but as is everyday. "This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."- Psalm 118:24

Grace, you are truly a blessing to mommy and daddy. I have learned more from you in 3 years, than probably my whole life. We love you so much and look forward to many many more birthday celebrations with you.

Grace and I made a teapot cake on her birthday. She wanted all blue :)

Grace loves "flying the pane" outside of the BX on base. Since it was her birthday, she got to ride it a few extra times :)

The morning of her birthday I decided to take her to Chick-fil-A for breakfast and to play in their indoor playground. Unfortunately, it was a bit to big for her, but she had fun just climbing up and down one or two steps. The manager was so generous and gave Grace a cow PEZ dispenser and 2 free ice cream cone coupons.

Opening presents from the Voss's-thank you so much :)

Opening presents from the Cox's

Thank you Grams/Pops for my necklace, fun glasses, stickers and dress

My Little Pony Cake made by Grandma and Grace

Thank you Grandma/Paw for my Birthday bubbles, magnetic numbers, books, homemade pizza and homemade pancakes.


Anonymous said...

What sweet pictures...and yes we agree that Grace deserves 3 birthday celebrations!

Hope everyone is well!

Love, The Voss Family

mina said...

What a special girl! Of course she deserves to celebrate 3 birthdays, she's so loved. And I love the teapot cake!

lisa said...

How sweet! She is precious. Oh and that teapot cake...it is so cute!

Anonymous said...

WOWZA! What a celebration time! Can't wait to see you again soon and I think that is the cutest cake ever! Hope you got your Monkey card, and have fun in FL!!!

ps.. Payton says Hi and congratulations on turning 3!

Aunt Beth

Jerry said...

Grace you are becoming a big helper, baking is a big job. I know mommie likes having your help. Pop and Grams love our little independent miss.

Hua said...

Great pictures! I am so glad your little one had such a special day. I bet she loved her birthday cake. Looking forward to reading more of your blogs

LeighAnne Gregory said...

Hey girl just wanted to tell you I gave you a beautiful blog award on my blogspot.
Love you, and miss Grace