Monday, August 3, 2009

ENT Appt .

Just to fill you in on a little background. Grace got an ear infection several months back. The infection cleared up, but the fluid would not go away. After further testing it was determined that one of Grace's ear tubes that had been placed last year was no longer in the right place and the fluid was remaining trapped behind the tube. We saw a ENT specialist here, that suggested she have a new set of tubes placed in both ears and have her adenoids taken out. Personally, we felt he was a little to quick to want to do surgery. After speaking with her cardiologist, he only wanted her to have surgery in Atlanta. This being, if something were to happen with the anesthesia, etc., her heart surgeons would be in the same building. Grace had a second opinion referral with an ENT specialist in Atlanta last week. He feels at this time, that it would be best to not place a second set of ear tubes. Rather, just wait and see if the current one that is out of place, will just fall out on its own. All of the fluid is now gone and she passed her hearing screen with flying colors. We will have a followup appointment with him in 4 months to further evaluate what might need to be done if the tube has not fallen out. She has not had any other ear infections and had no pain or trouble for months now. I just have to say this is just one more example for us of how God works everything out in his time. Several months back she might have truly needed the tubes, but because of needing a referral for the ENT in Atlanta and the time it took to book an appointment, the fluid went away and no surgery was needed at this time after all. I have to admit, I was so frustrated at the length of time between appointments and how long everything was taking. I am so glad that I don't have the final say :) Thank you Lord for protecting our little girl and for having a perfect plan for her life.

Just because a post is boring without pictures, here are a few of Grace "dancing"!


Anonymous said...

Hey! That is awesome about her ears-Praise God! He is our healer, thats for sure. I am so happy for you guys.

She is so cute dancing. :-)

Hope yall have a great week! I start school tomorrow.

Love yall,
Lisa Goodwin

Anonymous said...

Such great news! One of Nana's favorite songs was the little chorus, "God is so Good!" (And his timing is perfect!)

So good to see Grace dancing. Remember waiting, and waiting and waiting for that first step - and now, well, just look out world, here she comes!!!
Love, Grandma and Pa Pugh

Jerry said...

Hi Grace .
It is time to add "happy girl dancing" to your "Happy Song".
love you bunches and bunches.