Monday, August 17, 2009

Pre-K- We're On Our Way

Today was Grace's first morning of preschool. Overall, she was such a big girl. She had a few moments of anxiety and unsureness when we got ready to walk into her classroom. She began to cling to my leg and say no,go home. In so many ways, I wanted to scoop her up and just go home. As her mommy, I didn't want her to be scared or overwhelmed, just wanted to take her back to our "safe" place. However, I knew that this was just one of the first "giving her wings" moments and that we both could do it and needed to do it. Once I led her in to the toys, she warmed right up and never even had a second thought. We went last week for "meet the teacher orientation". We showed her where her classroom and seat were going to be, as well as met her teacher and other classmates. She had fun playing with the new toys that evening and familiarizing herself with the room. I think that meeting made a huge difference in the transition this morning. Daddy was able to surprise Grace by coming to pick her up also. We asked her if she wanted to go back to school again and she got really excited and said yes. She told us she played ball,ate goldfish,"popped" her drink (not sure what she meant by that or if I even want to know), colored a picture and that the teacher helped her. We then dropped Daddy off at lunch with his co-workers and Grace and I went to the mall to eat with a few other moms/kids from the moms group and then walked around. They called the event a "stroll and roll". I thought she would be exhausted and crash after today. I guess with so much excitement she is having a hard time winding down. As I type, she is laying in her bed kicking it and jabbering away :)

The first two pictures are from the orientation night

Daddy and Grace before work/school telling each other bye

1st day of Pre-K, here we come!

At Preschool right before we went to her class

Grace's first coloring page at preschool and Daddy and Grace after school


Jerry said...

Hi Grace.
You look very pretty for your first day of school. I see you have a nice back pack to carry all your work home. I know you will have many pictures to color and will put them in your back pack. You will make new friends and have a lot of fun. You really are a big big girl. Tell your mommy we like all the pictures and give her and daddy a hug for us. We love you very much. Gram and Pop

Anonymous said...

Hey Grace, we are glad you had a great day at school. Sara Beth wants to tell you that she played on the playground (she's sitting here in my lap giving me the dialogue) and she also went to the airport with her mommy to pick up Ms. Jeannie. Then she went to her house and played outside, played with Chloe, played with her friends, and she wants some m&ms. (not sure where that last one came from!) "Well, I think that's all" she says.....I love you! Sara Beth and Aunt Beth

Anonymous said...

Aww, glad you had a great first day of school Grace! I hope the rest of your week was great. Glad you are having fun. I love your school bus picture.

I love my class this year too! I have a great kindergarten class.
How are you Laura? I cant wait till yall come over to Decatur and we can meet up!


Anonymous said...

Your preschool class looks so much fun!

Love, Daric