Wednesday, September 16, 2009


That is Grace's favorite word of the day. Yesterday, was the first day that Grace has ever asked me directly how something works, or is? I was dusting our bedroom and she said mommy dusting, how, like she wanted to know how the dust comes off. Then, I was putting her down for her nap and I told her to not get out of her bed or she would get into trouble. She said how? All I could do was laugh! I wasn't sure if she had officially entered this phase, so I waited until today to see and sure enough first thing this morning she was asking how again. How the garbage truck works, etc. Another thing she is doing is "reading" books to her babies. I wish I could catch her on video, but of course when I get the video camera out she stops. It is SOOOO exciting to see her entering new stages and wanting to learn. We have seen so much improvement in her development the past few months and it excites me so much to see how far she has come and how excited she is about learning and "cool".


Andrea said...

Awww too cute!! I cant believe 3yrs flew the way that they did!! Like your mommy (who is a very best friend of mine!) I too am amazed at how far you've come and am so excited to hear all that your learning!!! I love you all SOOO MUCH!!!!


Anonymous said...

Sweet Grace,
Grandma and Pa are so proud of all the fun things you are learning to do. Grandma thinks reading to your babies is a great way to spend time. I just wish you were closer so Grandma could read to you all the time. It seems like just yesterday I was reading to your Mommy. Keep on asking "How?" and "Why?" and learning lots and lots of things. We love you bunches. Love, Grandma, Pa and the Farm Hands