Sunday, October 18, 2009


On Sunday nights, Grace participates in a program called AWANA through our church. She is in the age group known as the Cubbies. They learn bible stories/scripture through games, puppets, crafts, lessons at home and their workbook. They are encouraged to memorize a specific scripture each week. For her age group, they are abbreviated versions and she doesn't have to know where it is found, but will begin adding that next year. They then recite the verse on Sunday night to their teacher and they receive a patch to be sewn on their cubbie vest. We are SOOO proud of Grace as she has recited all of her verses and received two patches. We have been out of town/sick 2 times, so she has missed out on a few. I LOVE LOVE how when we are in the car we use that time to work on her verses and talk about things. Grandma, I am going to have to bring her vest home for Thanksgiving so you can sew on her patches. I am embarrassed to say, even after taking homemaking in high school and having to sew an outfit, I still can't make something look decent. Below are a few pictures of Grace in her cubbie vest.

Grace with her first patch,vest and cubbie bag

Heading to church in her cubbie vest


Jerry said...

congratulations Gracie. I am really really proud of you. Smart girls try and you try..Way to go smart girl!!!

littlemomtew said...

awesome job Grace! Cubbies is an awesome part of the AWANA hearing kiddos quoting God's word and hiding it in their hearts at such a young age!