Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Build A Bear

Back in December, Grace built her very first "Build A Bear" with Grams and Pops at the mall in Nashville, Tennessee. They originally went in just to watch and look; however, by the end Grace had convinced them that she really "NEEDED" a bear :) I apologize for the poor picture quality, I only had my camera phone on me at the time, but didn't want to miss capturing the event!

Grace picked out the bear she wanted and off she goes to begin the process of stuffing!

But first you must promise to love and take care of your bear (notice Grace's little hand held up saying her promise :)

Stuffing the bear

Notice, Grace is no where in sight. As the lady was stuffing the bear, her hand slipped and the bear slipped off blowing stuffing EVERYWHERE. Needless to say it scared Grace quite a bit and to Grams arms she fled.

The "Accident"

With all of the commotion of the stuffing, I didn't get a picture of Grace kissing the heart and putting it inside the bear.

Sewing up the bear

Giving the bear a bath

She LOVES her bear

The bear came with a Birth Certificate and if at any time she needs a doctor, we can bring it in to one of their stores and they will "fix" her :)

Thank you Grams and Pops!


mina said...

So cute! Bilal has the same bear, the one with the mended heart!

Jerry said...

fun to read. It brings back a good memory....."Pop, I need a bear"

allensgonavy said...

so sweet! that looks like it was so much fun!