Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Letter B

1) Beth and Brad-Grace's Aunt Beth and Uncle Brad have been there for us in more ways than we can say thank you for, through all of Grace's heart surgeries and just everyday life. From decorating our hotel room so it would fee like Christmas, to organizing prayer chains that reached farther than we probably will ever know, to loving on Grace and I in so many ways last year while Ryan was gone. We love you both so much and couldn't begin to list all the ways here that you have loved on our family and touched us.
2) Birthdays-they have so much more meaning to me since I have had Grace :)
3) Bunny Rabbit-Grace received the bunny rabbit below from her grandparents for Easter last year. To this day, she carries it around with her all over the house. The poor bunnie's arms are falling off. Whatever room Grace is in, you can pretty much guarantee the bunny will be there too. I can't say she has anywhere near the same feelings for the human Easter Bunny though. Needless to say Mommy won't be putting her through that again this year-broke my heart.

4)Babies-Grace loves her baby dolls and is such a sweet little mommy to them.

5)Bananas-Grace use to LOVE bananas, or so we thought. Come to find out, her body was craving the potassium from them. Her medication (Lasix) was robbing her body of potassium. She stopped wanting them immediately after she was taken off of this medication. We learn so much looking back, but I guess that truly applies to all aspects of life.
6)Boooookoooodles-Grace and I are sending bookoodles of LOVE to you Ryan :)

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Gavin's Mama said...

What a great idea... maybe I will do this too!! Grace is getting so big!!