Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our Little Valentine's Weekend

February 14th means Valentine's Day for most of the world, but this day will always have an added meaning for our family. It is also known as A Day for Hearts-Congenital Heart Defects Awareness Day. We took advantage of the long weekend and went to visit with Grams and Pops. We had a wonderful weekend and as always, Grace was spoiled :) Grace received her very first pet, a goldfish from Grams and Pops. We are proud to say "Jaws" made the trip home and even found himself a new "home". Ryan felt like the fish needed more room to swim around (he is always so thoughtful :) and so we took Grace to the pet store to pick out a new "home". Grace has received her first official "chore" and that is to feed her fish. She loves doing so, and will go check on him various times throughout the day. Thank you Grams and Pops for a wonderful weekend, Grace's new clothes/shoes, and countless memories I know we are going to have with "Jaws" and probably Jaws 2, 3, etc.

P.S. Ryan if you are reading this, we love you dearly, miss you already and hope you are able to stay warm (the military sent him to Massachusetts for a few days)

Grace Feeding The Ducks

Grace Lovin On Pops

Grace and Grams

Grace and her 1st pet

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Anonymous said...

Love that picture of her feeding the ducks!! Jaws is a cute name for the fish!!