Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thank You's

We received the piggy bank below from some sweet friends when Grace was born. Grace LOVES getting to put money in her piggy bank. Ken and Kari, thank you so much! You have no idea the amount of enjoyment she has gotten out of this. She and her daddy love to put his "mosey" also known as money/pennies :) in her piggy bank.

We received the plaque below from a dear "heart" mom Amanda. I was given the opportunity to meet her while we lived in Birmingham and her daughter has the same heart condition as Grace (HLHS). Amanda, thank you so much for your continued thoughtfulness. You could not have picked a more perfect plaque. The scripture, monkey and colors are soooo fitting.

We received the monkey nightlight below from Grace's Aunt Beth, Uncle Brad, and cousins Sara Beth, Payton and Grant. Grace LOVES it. I have no idea where you found it, but it couldn't be more fitting. As you can probably tell by now, Grace loves monkeys :)

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