Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Catch Up

Many of you may be here from and others may be new here. So, lets play a little catch up from the past few months. As many of you know, Ryan was deployed to Korea from September 2007 to September 2008. Grace and I moved to Birmingham, Alabama to be near our family during this year. Ryan returned this September and the military assigned us to Robins, AFB in Georgia. We have spent the past few months unpacking, getting Grace acquainted with all new doctors, and just spending time as a family again. I can't put into words how wonderful it is to have him home. Watching how much fun Grace and Ryan have together just warms my heart. October was spent enjoying the beautiful weather, carving pumpkins, and trick or treating (pictures to come once I figure out how to post them). November brought fun times visiting with both sides of our family. We just got back from Alabama, and I still feel full from all of the yummy food. November also brought a heart catherization for Grace and the news that she is ready for her Fontan procedure. We are scheduled for December 11th at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egelston in Atlanta, GA. We are looking forward to having this behind us, yet at the same time so emotional about heading down this road again. If all goes according to plan, this surgery should do away with Grace's need for oxygen. It is hard to imagine life without 25 feet of tubing following you around, but we are SOOO ready to be there. I couldn't end this post without saying how super proud of Grace we are. She has been through so much in her 2 short years and yet she is still a happy girl and so loving. You have taught us so much, we LOVE you sweet girl! You are our greatest blessing!


Marie said...

Glad to get an update on you guys! I guess you won't be at the shocco reunion with the surgery so close. I hope to see you very soon and I will be praying for little Grace and her surgery. BTW...I didn't realize I knew your upstairs neighbors in B'ham...I am actually babysitting Lila this weekend.

Potter's Hand Care Group said...

Grace, I'm so glad to see you have been doing okay and that your dad was safe during his time away. I have been following your blog since November 2006. You have grown up so much during that time. Keep us updated about what's going on in your life and we will continue to lift you up in prayer. God bless you,
Ms. Sarah

Jamie said...

Wow! You have just given me a different perspective on today. (I have been kind of stressed out today.) Please know that I will be praying for you guys this week. I cannot even begin to imagine the emotions you must be feeling right now. If there is anything at all that we can do, please let us know.

Love the new website! We will keep checking back for updates.

If you have time, can you please send us your new address? Thanks!