Friday, December 12, 2008

Day 1 Morning Post Op Update

-Foley Catheter has been removed
-Weaned down to 5 liters of oxygen from the 10 liters on a high flow canula
-They are removing the central line from her neck as I type
-She had been started on another pain medication called Toradol
-One heart function medication has been stopped (milnadrone, not sure of spelling)
-Goal for today is to wean her down to 3 liters of oxygen and try to begin feedings
-If she tolerates this well she can possibly be held by mommy and daddy and be moved to the cardiac step down unit this afternoon/evening
-We aren't sure of exactly how conscious she is. She will sit straight up and cry out or look around and then lay back down. The cardiac team plans on weaning one of her sedation medications today as well to see how well she will do a little more conscience.
-We continue to thank each of you for all of your prayers and support.


Ashley said...

Laura and Ryan, your guys are my heros, I admire your strength and optimism! You two are truley the strongest and loving parents I have ever met. We miss you guys so much and hope that all goes well. Hope you haev a blessed holiday!

Anonymous said...

Laure and Ryan,

I am so glad to hear that everything went well! I cannot wait to see that little lady back home... Sydney misses her! When you two get to give her loves, give her a hug and kiss from us here. You are all in my prayers, keep your strength! Youre amazing!

Love Candice, Alex and Sydney

Gavin's Mama said...

Yay Grace!!! We continue to pray for a fast and safe recovery... Heart hugs and kisses from Gavin!!

Anonymous said...

Ryan and Laura, my thoughts and prayers are with you. You are such strong people and I admire you both. I hope to get down your way soon. Take care and God bless. Have a bessed holiday and best wishes for the coming year. Much Luv, Rodney