Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lazy Day

We are having a lazy Sunday today and taking it easier than yesterday. Grace has had a more difficult time with pain and maintaining her oxygen saturations since last night. This mornings x-rays revealed the culprit=fluid buildup in her lungs. With the help of some additional pain medications and an increase in her diuretics we are trying to keep her comfortable. Her chest tubes have been draining significantly more today so they aren't planning on removing them for another day or two at least. She was able to nap comfortably for 2 hours this afternoon. Sometimes sleep can be the best medicine of all.

We wanted to sincerely thank ALL of our family for traveling to be with us during this time and for ALL that you do for us. We truly have the best support system a family could have. We hope you know how much we love each of you and this road would be so much harder to walk down without you. Kate, thank you so much for coming to see us and for the white chocolate yummies, I am eating some as I type. Those boys just don't know what they are missing. Debbie and Barney, thank you for coming to love on Grace and us,for the goody bag of snacks and for Grace's bear. She woke up from her nap and that is the first thing she reached for. She has been having some pain this afternoon and has not let go of it. Ryan is not much of a sweet eater and has already had a few sugar cookies. Ryan agrees with you Barney on how yummy they are :) I am going to have to get the recipes from you Debbie for both of the cookies. It is amazing what how much home cooked goodies can brighten up a day :)


Anonymous said...

Aunt LaLa, Unce Ryan, and Grace,
Just hanging out having a lazy afternoon ourselves and wanted to check after our naps on how you all were doing. So sorry it has been a tougher day for Grace, and hope that those meds do the trick for the fluid retention. Thought about you all so much at church this morning, and wish we were just a bit closer!!! Hope you have a good evening and love you so much!

B&B&P&G&SB Austin

Jessica said...

Hello Laura,
I'm Tsgt Martin's wife Jessica. I know I haven't met you and Grace yet but hope to do so soon. I just wanted to let you know that we are praying for the three of you and wish Grace a blessed recovery.

Jessica Martin