Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What a difference a day makes

Notice anything different?

We have had a big day today so far. The biggest news of all is that Grace was weaned off oxygen in the middle of the night last night. She has been holding her oxygen saturations all day :) I truly think we may be done with the oxygen. Hard to imagine after almost two years, but it is a huge praise. She has also seemed to have very little pain and has actually been weaned off of Toradol (sp?) and switched to Motrin. We are trying to get her on a regimine of meds we can give at home. The chest tubes still continue to drain, but we are thankful they are doing so and not collecting fluid pockets. They don't seem to be slowing her down as she has been up and walking the halls most of the day. She also got to meet some Atlanta Falcon football players today and also some clowns. ;

Aunt Beth came to visit us today and Grace had so much fun playing tea togather. Thank you Aunt Beth for the sticker book and balloon. They are sure to bring lots of entertainment and fun :)


mina said...

Look at that beautiful face!

Anonymous said...

Wow....what a wonderful report!!!! We continue to keep you all in our thoughts!

The Voss Family

Jenn Siggers said...

What a wonderful day full of good reports. We continue to keep ya'll in our prayers!! Hopefully tomorrow you will have even better news to report! Thank God for this fast time of healing!
Jennifer Siggers

Anonymous said...

What awesome news!! Less than one week after major surgery and look at that precious baby off of oxygen. So glad Grace is feeling better and improving every day.
God is good..... all the time!!!
Love you guys!
Debbie and Barney

Candice Poore said...

oh my goodness laura! i honest got chills and teary eyed reading youre lastest update... i am just jumping up and down excited that she is so freakin strong!!!! and those pictures seeing her in bed with no tubes, awesome! she just looks amazing, period! like always cannot wait for you all to get home! youre in my prayers!

the poores

Potter's Hand Care Group said...

Yeah Grace NO OXYGEN!! Thank you GOD!