Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy 7th Anniversary Babe

Happy Anniversary Babe. I have had an amazing 7 years with you and I so look forward to the next 53 years you promised me this morning :) I think I fell in love with you even deeper this past week. Thank you for always supporting me and loving me unconditionally.

Your Bride,



Anonymous said...

Our Grace girl, we've missed you while at the farm at Grandma's house, but as Sara Beth reminded us, we're so glad that you are "getting your heart fixed." We can't wait to play with you soon, and hope your stitches come out well today and you get a great report. Tell mom and dad happy anniversary! Love you,

Aunt Beth and the Austin Family

Andrea said...

happy belated anniversary!! i miss you guys so much!!! your amazing together as parents, gracie couldnt be a luckier girl;)