Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 2 Post Op Update

We were moved to our own room last night on the cardiac stepdown unit around 6:00pm. Ryan and I are now able to stay in the room with her. Grace has been weaned to 1 liter of oxygen as of this morning. She had a much more restful night with the help of some morphine and toradol :) We haven't gotten any reports back on her blood work or chest x-rays. Weekends tend to be much more layed back and not as rushed. Yesterday's x-rays were a little "wet" so we are hoping with the increase in Lasix (a diuretic) that today's look much better. The plan for today is to wean more on the oxygen and try and get her up out of the bed moving. If all goes well, her chest tubes may be able to be removed tomorrow. I am going to post a few pictures below from the past few days. The first picture is yesterday (the day after surgery). The second picture is a few hours after the surgery. The third and fourth pictures are from our pre-op room before surgery.


Anonymous said...

Wow! It sounds like you will be home in a few days. Way to go Grace (Mommy & Daddy too!)!

Amanda, Andy & Janelle Handley

mina said...

So glad to see the Grace is recovering well, and had a restful night. Hoping you'll all be homeward bound soon.